Live action laser tag is an exciting and effective team building activity. Your staff, fundraising committee, sports team or scout squad will have fun and develop important competitive skills. Bring them to Golfland where people of all ages can have a blast. Mini golf, arcade games, water slides, and more; we offer an exciting mix for an entire day of fun. Why settle for boring activities when you can engage everyone in some friendly competition? Use these laser tag success strategies to maximize your team’s potential and experience.

Tips for Successful Team Building and Laser Tag  

Fear of the unknown is common. This may cause some adults and kids to avoid playing laser tag. With a little bit of persuasion and a quick run through of basic techniques, your team can have loads of fun.

  1. Dress for success: Wear dark-colored clothing to blend into the darkness of the indoor arena. Make sure you have comfortable shoes (sneakers are best) and dress in layers because it can get cold inside.
  2. Plan to win: Pick a leader who can study the layout quickly to identify good attack and cover points before planning the best route of attack. Crouch low and walk like a crab to avoid being seen. Turn sideways when you see someone trying to hit you. Rapid firing is more effective at taking out your opponents than waiting for the perfect shot. Keep your eye on the goal, which is to get the top score and win.
  3. Get out of the comfort zone: Staying in the same spot to be safe can be boring. Attack is the best form of defense. While moving around has an element of risk, it can also help you tag more people on the opposing team. Getting to the upper level gives you a distinctive advantage as you have a better view.
  4. Communicate: Establish ways to communicate with your team members about dangers and potential targets. Come up with a special team hoot or whistle to alert each other.
  5. Have fun: Shooting or getting more points than an annoying classmate, relative or co-worker is exhilarating and motivating. Always remember that you are here to have fun and keep with the spirit of the game.

Enjoy Laser Tag at Golfland Locations

Golfland is the perfect place for team events, family celebrations and fundraisers.  In addition to laser tag, our 18-hole mini golf course, games arcade and special attractions offer something for everyone. Our delicious catered parties or fully stocked snack bar will keep you and your friends well-fueled!

Whether you choose to play lazer tag at Anaheim, Roseville, Milpitas or Fairfield location, get ready for an action-packed day full of fun. Our experienced and dedicated team is always on hand to help ensure that everyone has an exciting time.

Visit us today. Click here to find the nearest Golfland location and come test your laser tag success strategies!  Be sure to share them on Social Media!