Enjoy Rainy Day Fun at Golfland’s Arcades


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Brighten up a Dull Day with Exciting Indoor Entertainment

Dull, wet weather giving you the blues? Is the rain making your little ones restless indoors? Head out for some rainy day fun at a Golfland arcade near you. After all, what better way to lift your spirits and entertain kids, than to indulge in pure, old-fashioned, video games! If you are in or around Fremont, Sacramento, or Mountain View, Golfland’s arcades are never too far from you. Enjoy our exciting indoor games, delicious food, and warm hospitality.

Arcade Games for All Ages. Come Play!

Every Golfland location features a gaming parlor, generously packed with fun and entertainment. Here are some of the highlights of Golfland’s arcades:

  • Wide choice of games: All our arcades boast the most popular games and video attractions, including the old classics and new releases. Whether you prefer to chase aliens and robots, battle Kung Fu Masters, race around the world, or test your memory or shooting skills, there is something for everyone. Choose from an extensive range of games that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Swipe and play options: We offer a convenient card system that helps you maximize your time in the arcade. Simply load money onto a card, so that there are no interruptions while moving from one game to another. If you are visiting with children, imagine the number of trips it will save you to the cash counter! Once you finish playing, head to our redemption counters to exchange your game winnings (tickets) for great prizes.
  • Exclusive access: Golfland is open 7 days a week, so you can visit us without planning in advance. However, if you wish to celebrate a special occasion or host a large group of family and friends to beat the rainy weather, many Golfland locations offer special after-hours packages. These packages allow you and your group exclusive access to the arcade. No waiting in line, no sharing the space; simply take over the entire arcade and make the most of the time with your near and dear ones.

Chase, Shoot, Race: Have Loads of Rainy Day Fun at Golfland’s Arcades

Since 1953, Golfland has been offering non-stop, indoor and outdoor entertainment to families, friends, sports teams, church groups, fundraising groups, corporate teams, and more. Our theme parks are a top choice for safe, affordable and unlimited fun. Large groups will enjoy our convenient event planning and catering services. 

A rainy day escape, a casual evening, a weekend recreation, or a special event or party, Golfland’s amusement parks and arcades pack in loads of fun for all ages and occasions.

If you are in Fremont, head to Milpitas Golfland. From Sacramento, our closest park is Scandia Golfland in Fairfield. Mountain View residents have easy access to Golfland Emerald Hills in San Jose.

Looking for other Golfland Arcade locations to make the most of rainy day fun and games? Click here to find a Golfland park near you.  

Checking Out Birthday Party Places in San Jose? Golfland Wins Hands Down!


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celebrating a great birthday party at golfland
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Have the Time of Your Life at Golfland Emerald Hills

If you are looking for an interesting birthday party venue in San Jose, nothing comes close to the unique ambience and entertainment-packed options at Golfland Emerald Hills. Families and friends in Saratoga, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Cupertino and Almadent love to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions in our theme park. Whether the party is for toddlers, kids, adults or seniors, we have something for everyone. Make your San Jose birthday celebrations extra special with thrilling water rides, electrifying gaming arcades, and child-friendly mini golf courses. We take care of all the party arrangements, so you can simply show up with your group and have the time of your lives at Golfland!

Celebrate Birthdays in Style at Golfland in San Jose

The enthusiastic party staff at Emerald Hills Golfland will organize the entire event for you. From sending out party invitations and arranging festive table settings, to hosting table games and taking care of all other party logistics, our party planners will do it all. Here’s what you need to finalize:

  1. Venues within the park: Do you want to host your celebration across the entire park, or keep your group together in a specific area?
  1. Enjoy a wacky celebration, where your guests tee off and compete in the lush settings of our two mini golf courses.
  • Splash, slide, and soak up the fun, as you host a sensational party at Golfland Water Slides. Our twisty water slides and refreshing pool below will leave your gang thirsty for more!
  • Take your celebrations to the next level by hosting your group at the arcade and get exclusive access to classic and modern video games. Let your guests chase dragons, race around the world, shoot aliens, battle Kung Fu Masters, and more. All our party packages include 200 arcade credits per guest, even if you host your celebrations elsewhere within the park.
  • Birthday packages: What kind of party package do you need? While our basic package includes up to 10 guests and all the party essentials, you can also choose a number of upgrades:
  1. Add party hours at the table, or increase the number of table games
    1. Get additional arcade credits or goody bags
    1. Order more of our mouth-watering food and non-alcoholic drinks
    1. Organize special activities for parents while hosting a kids’ party

Enjoy an Epic Birthday Celebration at Emerald Hills Golfland, San Jose

Since 1953, Golfland has been a world-class venue for birthdays, school or family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and several other milestone celebrations and special events. All our parks offer safe, affordable, wholesome entertainment, and excellent party arrangements. Our highly trained party planning team designs interesting experiences that cater to all ages and ensures that your celebrations are a huge success. Families and social groups visit us from all over the San Jose area, including Saratoga, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Cupertino and Almadent.

Eager to host a celebration at Emerald Hills Golfland? You won’t be disappointed. It’s the best birthday party place in San Jose! Call us at 408-225-1533 to learn more about our party arrangements or reserve your party online.

Have a Laser Tag Party Close to Sacramento


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Fun, Excitement, and Education – All Rolled into One Game!

Looking for a fun, action-packed activity that you can enjoy with your group? Have a laser tag party close to Sacramento, at a Golfland location near you. Whether it is for casual meetups, milestone celebrations, or team outings, laser tag parties can combine entertainment and education in an exciting and unique setting.

Create Everlasting Memories at Laser Tag Parties in Golfland

  • Choose from multiple locations close to Sacramento: Golfland features some of the best arenas for laser tag parties, close to Sacramento.
  • A 25-minute drive away, Golfland Sunsplash, Roseville welcomes you to challenge your group at its state-of-the-art laser tag arena, ‘Lazer Knights’.
  • About a 45-minute drive from Sacramento, Scandia, Fairfield’s laser tag facility, ‘Lasertron’ mimics a futuristic space station. It can accommodate as many as 50 people in a single game.
  • If you don’t mind traveling a bit further, Milpitas Golfland features not just laser tag, but also a Laser Maze. It challenges you to make your way through a web of lasers without triggering the alarms.

Enjoy adrenaline-pumping action while challenging yourself and your group at a laser tag party at Golfland. After the game, reminisce the highs and lows with your team as you share a meal or make your way to other areas of the park. From wacky miniature golf courses and arcade games, to Indy car racetracks and wet n’ wild water rides, there is plenty to choose from.

  • Create a learning experience: There is much more to laser tag than just holding and pointing guns and shooting at your opponents. This versatile game has the potential to create interesting learning scenarios without being stuck in a boring, classroom setting. For example, here are some aspects you could discuss in a post-game debrief:
  • Picked a captain or played without a team leader?
  • Identifying good attack and cover points?
  • Created smart protocols to communicate with your team during the game?
  • Know how to crouch low and defend yourself?
  • Fired rapidly or waited for the perfect shot?
  • Stayed in one safe spot due to fear of the unknown, or took risks and moved around in the arena?

These unique teachable moments could help in polishing various skills, including strategic thinking, leadership capabilities, survival techniques, team management, and more.

Point, Shoot and Have a Blast at a Laser Tag Arena in Golfland!

Whether you come with family, friends, colleagues, sports team buddies, or any other social group, participating in a laser tag party at Golfland is always an electrifying experience. When you visit, don’t miss the other rides and attractions, as well as our delicious food and warm hospitality.

Since 1953, Golfland’s theme parks and water parks have been a top choice for non-stop, safe, and affordable entertainment for people of all ages. From casual meetups and educational trips, to special events or milestone celebrations, we add a generous dose of fun to every outing. Large groups can take advantage of our dedicated event planning and catering services.

Planning an upcoming laser tag party close to Sacramento? Find your nearest Golfland location and experience unlimited fun!

Golfland Tops the Charts as the Ultimate Kids’ Party Place


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celebrating a great birthday party at golfland
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Fun Celebrations in Our Theme Parks and Water Parks

Celebrating a kid’s birthday? Applauding a team win? No matter what the occasion, if it involves festivities with kids, host your event at Golfland, the top choice for kids’ party places. From sensational theme parks to exciting water parks, Golfland offers excellent options to make your events extra special.

Exciting Parties at Child-Friendly Venues

Whether it is for toddlers, teenagers, or tweens, organizing a kids’ party requires careful planning. As a responsible host you may have to assess many aspects, such as:

  • Is the venue safe and child-friendly?
  • Can you contain the kids in areas where you or other adults have direct oversight?
  • Are there sufficient entertainment options to engage kids of all ages?
  • If parents accompany the kids, what activities can they enjoy?

Golfland has favorable answers for each of these questions. Here are some of the advantages of throwing a party at one of our locations near you:

  • Fun unlimited: Our parks offer something for all ages and interests, which means all your guests are sure to have a blast. Experience: 
  • Heart-racing, one-of-a-kind, thrill rides and roller coasters
  • Wet n’ wild water parks with wave pools, bumper boats, and twisty waterslides
  • Adrenaline-pumping go carting tracks, laser tag areas and batting cages
  • Beautifully themed mini-golf courses that offer wacky challenges
  • Action-packed arcade games, including all-time classics
  • Before you plan your party:
    • Choose your park and decide on the venue within that park. Do you want your group to be around the food and drinks, and arcade games, or would you prefer to spread out and party across multiple attractions in the park?
  • Choose from one of our predesigned party packages, or get a customized one. From party planning, invites, and catering, to festive settings, goody bags, and special activities for parents, our crew can take care of everything. You simply have to show up with your guests to enjoy our exciting attractions, warm hospitality, and delicious food.
  • Safe environment: Since 1953, Golfland’s theme parks and water parks have been providing non-stop entertainment for kids, teens, adults and seniors. Our family-friendly facilities and kid-friendly attractions make us one of the safest places to host kids’ parties. Our dedicated event management team also lends a helping hand to make your party safe, successful, and most of all, FUN!

Plan the Best Kids’ Parties at a Golfland near You

If you are looking to host a party where you can kick back, relax and enjoy just as much as all your guests, Golfland is the place for you. We can customize event packages and arrangements based on your requirements and budget. Let our friendly and capable crew keep your party on track while you experience endless entertainment and create everlasting memories.

All set to organize a celebration at the ultimate kids’ party place in California or Arizona? Find a Golfland location near you and contact us to learn more about our event packages.

Cool Birthday Party Ideas


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celebrating a great birthday party at golfland
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Want Some Really Cool Birthday Party Ideas?

Golfland Takes Fun to a Whole New Level!

Looking for cool birthday party ideas for a one-of-a-kind celebration? Bring your guests to a Golfland location near you. Simply show up, have a blast, and enjoy our delicious food and warm hospitality. From party invites, catering and festive settings, to arcade credits, goody bags, and table games, our event crew will handle everything for you.

Create Lasting Memories at Golfland

Whether it is for a toddler, teen, kid, adult, or senior, Golfland’s theme parks and water parks offer action-packed excitement for all ages. There is always something interesting for everyone!

  • Select a package: Evaluate our birthday packages to figure out which one best meets your requirements and budget. The base package usually includes food and drinks, party settings, table reservations, and arcade game credits. In an upgraded package, you can get extra food items, goody bags, additional game credits, and special activities for the parents, when you host kids’ parties.
  • Choose fun for everyone: Let your guests explore the rides and attractions across the entire park or choose a specific area to host your celebrations. Plan activities that suit your group’s size, age group and interests. While children may enjoy our laser tag or bumper cars, teenagers may prefer the adrenaline rush of the thrill rides. If it is an adult’s or senior’s birthday, you may want something that is fun and engaging, but not over-the-top. Go for the classic arcade games or indulge in a few rounds of mini golf.
  • Make milestone birthdays extra special: Celebrating a sweet sixteen, fabulous fiftieth, or a sparkling seventieth? Our experienced and trained party planners would be happy to make your milestone birthday or themed parties even more special.
  • Add to the excitement: While all our venues are totally amazing, you can add to the excitement with some of these cool birthday party ideas:
  • Organize a friendly competition to enjoy the wacky twists and turns of our award-winning mini golf courses.
  • Crown the champion who can chase aliens, battle Kung Fu Masters, race on tricky tracks, or win skill games at the Arcade. Our enormous arenas include a good mix of games, including the old favorites and the latest hits.
  • Get into a futuristic mood and strategize your ‘intergalactic escape’ in our space themed laser tag stations. You could even make this a costume laser tag party by asking your guests to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character.
  • Shift gears to the fast lane and flag off a group race on our Indy car racing tracks. Let everyone compete to navigate the curves while making their way to the finish line.
  • Slide, splash, soak, and make waves at one of our water parks. Host mini competitions on the various water rides.

Throw an Awesome Birthday Party at Golfland!

Since 1953, Golfland has been a top choice for celebrating milestones and life events. Our friendly and capable crew handles everything and keeps your party on track. Visit one of Golfland’s seven California locations to celebrate the birthdays of family members, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Each party will be a one-of-a-kind experience, contributing to everlasting memories.

All set for a unique celebration? Try some cool birthday party ideas at a Golfland location near you. We look forward to partying with you!



Host Your Team Party at Golfland


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Work team playing mini golf at company party
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Why Host Your Team Party at Golfland?

Loads of Exciting Activities for all Ages – that’s Why!

Looking for creative ways to celebrate with your sports teammates or work colleagues? Host your team party at Golfland. Make your next celebration the best ever and create lasting memories at one of our theme parks or water parks near you. Our experienced party planners take care of everything to keep your celebrations on track and ensure that your party is a grand success.

Kick Back, Relax, and Enjoy at Golfland

It doesn’t matter if your team consists of adults or kids, sports buddies or workplace partners, you can celebrate your wins and achievements by hosting your team party at Golfland. All our locations feature a ton of exciting rides, activities and attractions for all ages.

  • Hassle-free celebrations: Instead of taking on the stress of organizing a party and doing a million tasks by yourself, simply book a catered party at a Golfland location near you. On the day of your celebration, just show up with your group and enjoy your day out. Our event crew handles all the party logistics, including customized catering, invitations, festive settings, arcade credits, goody bags, and more. We even host a few table games and offer other interesting ideas to elevate the excitement levels within your group.
  • Year-round comfort and convenience: Each Golfland location offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Which means, come rain or shine, you can host your team party at Golfland. With a vibrant, buzzing environment and practical conveniences, our parks serve as party central all year round!
  • Star attractions: From award-winning mini golf courses and fully-loaded gaming arcades, to heart-thumping thrill rides, and unique water attractions, there is so much to experience at Golfland. While the possibilities are endless, here are a few ideas to help you plan:
  • Mini-Golf: Master your strokes and navigate the wacky obstacles at our beautiful, themed mini golf courses. Why let the competition stop on the field when you can carry it over to a few fun rounds of crazy putt-putt?
  • Arcade Games: Wake up your inner child as you beat Kung Fu masters, fight aliens, or race your way out of a tricky maze in our games arcade. Don’t forget to redeem your tickets for some awesome memorabilia.
  • Laser Tag: Divide your group into teams and compete with laser guns at our action-packed Laser Tag station. Shh! This could be your secret agenda for promoting team building skills. Use the game’s outcome to chat with your group on aspects, such as mutual respect, collaboration, leadership, and decision making.

Make Your Next Team Party the Best Ever at Golfland!

Every team’s success and milestones deserve applause. Give your team a unique and memorable event at Golfland. Since 1953, our seven California theme parks and water parks have served as exciting venues for special celebrations. Plan your upcoming team party with us, and experience destination ‘fun unlimited’!


All set to host your team party at Golfland? Contact us to learn more about our park locations and group event packages.



The Highlight of Our Roseville Water Park? RipTide Wins!


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water park slides
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Ride, Slide and Splash at Golfland Sunsplash

Dreaming about twisty slides, wacky rides, and splash landings in cool pools? Make your way to the RipTide at our water park in Golfland Sunsplash. From heart-thumping rides, to leisurely spray pads, pack your day with a host of aquatic attractions at our water park in Roseville. Enjoy non-stop entertainment, delicious food, and warm hospitality with your family and friends.

RipTide and More Water Park Fun for all Ages

Ready to explore all the activities at Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville?

  • Step into the vibrant yellow floating bowls and make your way down the 65-ft RipTide water slide. Its toe-curling twists and turns are too tempting to experience just once. You’ll want to do it over and over again!  
  • Looking for more excitement? Climb up 7-stories and step into the launch capsule at Double Dare. Let the powerful G-Forces take over as you plunge to the bottom of the slide in a mere 8 seconds. 
  • For the ultimate thrill ride, hop into a single or double tube and come splashing down a 5-story, halfpipe on the Stealth.
  • Want to combine the thrill of a roller coaster with the rush of a waterfall? Head to the Master Blaster, California’s one-of-a-kind water coaster.
  • Less than 42” tall? Grab a mat to race your companions down the Six Chuter, or experience a near-vertical, 7-story drop in the Storm Rider.
  • Accompanied by toddlers? Find your sweet spot in the shallow waters of Adventure Island. Spend your day wading in the pool or sliding down the gentle slopes of the short, easygoing slides.
  • For the ultimate resort experience, book a water park cabana. Enjoy a private, shaded spot where your entire group can relax in between rides. We offer several rental plans along with multiple location options throughout the park.

There are many unique activities at our water park in Roseville, including the RipTide. Exploring the 20+ attractions will make you hungry! As you move from one ride to another, pick up healthy, made-to-order meals from Subwaves and indulge in delicious drinks at Iceberg Shakes.

Great Memories on Riptide at Sunsplash Roseville

Whether it is a family outing, a friendly get-together, or a special date, you can create lasting memories at our water park in Roseville. Golfland Sunsplash is the ideal location for non-stop water fun. Near Sacramento and Fairfield, CA, we are an easy ride away for a great day of fun!

Our friendly and dedicated team is always available to organize special events and catering services for large groups.  

Ready to experience the RipTide at our water park in Roseville? Explore our 3D park map of all the attractions. Check out the park hours to plan your visit. We can’t wait to see you!

Unlimited Aquatic Fun at a Wet and Wild Wave Pool Near Sacramento


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water slide at sunsplash
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Sunsplash Roseville Offers a Cool, Refreshing Outing

Looking for the ultimate aquatic experience at a wet and wild wave pool near Sacramento? Golfland Sunsplash Roseville features a fully loaded water park with rides and attractions for all ages. Come with your family, friends, colleagues, or a special someone for a refreshing change from your daily routine. Experience our warm hospitality and delicious food as you go from one fun activity to another.

Exciting Options to Wade, Splash, Ride and Slide

A 25-minute drive outside of Sacramento, Golfland Sunsplash Roseville is easily accessible from almost anywhere in the Bay Area. Visiting from Sacramento? Take Interstate 80 and get off at Atlantic Street / Eureka Rd., then travel east and turn left on Taylor Road.

While getting here is easy, maximizing your fun between our 20+ attractions can be tough. Here’s a glimpse of just a few of them:

  • Start your day at our star attraction, the Thunder Bay Wave Pool. Ride the gigantic, 84-feet wide tsunami waves and splash away to your heart’s content.
  • Grab your mats and race your group on the high speed, 6-lane racing slides at the Six Chuter.
  • Count every twist and turn as you slide down the enclosed, black water chutes at the Dark Holes, or the open ones at the Twin Twisters.
  • For a wacky, bumpy ride, slide down California’s one-and-only water roller coaster, the Master Blaster.
  • Show off your dare devilry at some of our more thrilling rides, such as:
    • The Stealth: Tube down a five-story half-pipe and land into the clear pool below.
    • The Storm Rider or The Thunder Falls: Experience the rush of a massive vertical drop from 7 stories up, as you cling to your floating bowl or family raft.
    • Double Dare: Climb up 7 stories, step into a launch capsule, and scream your way down a vertical freefall drop that plunges you to the bottom of the slide in 8 seconds flat.
  • Need a break from the rides?
    • Relax in the comfortable tubes at the Bermuda Triangle and let the gentle current of the water do the rest.
    • Wade or chill out and dip your feet in the shallow waters at Adventure Island, the perfect water play place for your little ones.
  • After you have had your fill of aquatic activities, visit the Golfland Fun Center next door. Play a round or two of mini golf or enter a heart-thumping race at our Indy-style, Fastcar Raceway. Choose from over 200 exciting video games at the Arcade, or beat your pals in a game of Laser Tag.

Wet and Wild Fun for All Occasions at Golfland Sunsplash Roseville

Celebrating a special milestone or simply getting together with family and friends? No matter what the occasion, there is no better way to have wet and wild fun than the rides and slides at Golfland Sunsplash Roseville. Visit us easily from Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Eldorado Hills, Rocklin, Folsom and Citrus Heights.

Since 1953, Golfland theme parks and water parks across California and Arizona have offered non-stop, family-friendly entertainment for all ages. Large groups can take advantage of our fantastic facilities, including event planning, catering services, and special celebration packages.

All set to splash around in the wet and wild wave pool near Sacramento? Check out our full schedule to plan your visit and rent a cabana near the wave pool. For any other inquiries, contact our friendly staff today.

Emerald Hills Golfland: The Premier Water Park Near San Jose


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Girl on water slide at emerald hills golfland in san jose
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Enjoy the Ultimate Wet n’ Wild Experience

Whether you are looking for a lazy, cool dip, or a big splash, the Emerald Hills Golfland water park near San Jose makes for an ideal fun destination. Reconnect with family, friends or co-workers and enjoy a truly memorable water park experience. Our top rated, family-friendly attractions include the twisty Golfland Water Slides that wind their way down into a refreshing pool.

Located near the intersection of the 85 Freeway and Almaden Expressway on Blossom Hill Road, Emerald Hills Golfland is the perfect spot for a fun outing near San Jose. The water slides are open late in the evening during the summer, and from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on weekends through the rest of the year.

Our San Jose Water Park is Perfect for Special Events

No matter who you bring along, your entire group will love the water slides at San Jose’s Emerald Hills Golfland. From birthdays, anniversaries and reunions, to workplace milestones and social club get-togethers, we serve as the perfect backdrop to celebrate all types of special events.

In addition to having a blast on the water slides, you can:

  • Put your putting skills to the test at our 18-hole mini golf courses. Both our courses take you on a spectacular journey through fountains, castles, beautifully manicured gardens, and more.
  • Bring out your inner child while playing an extensive range of retro favorites, as well as the most up-to-date video games at the arcade. Redeem your points for a bunch of fun prizes.
  • Enjoy delicious snacks and beverages, including pizzas, nachos, pretzels, soft drinks, Icees, and thick, creamy milk shakes.

Large groups can use our special event planning and convenient catering services. Call us for great deals on group packages and make the most of our thrilling rides and warm hospitality.

Getting to San Jose’s Emerald Hills Golfland

Getting to San Jose’s premier water park, Emerald Hills Golfland, is very easy. Just take the West Valley Freeway (Highway 85) to the Santa Teresa Boulevard exit, and continue traveling south on Blossom Hill Road, then turn east. We are within a 25 to 30 minute drive from the towns of Cupertino, Campbell, Morgan Hill and Gilroy, and about 50 minutes away from Sunnyvale and Mountain View, CA.

Have a Refreshing Day at Emerald Hills Golfland

Golfland loves San Jose! Better known as the heart of Silicon Valley and home to an ever-thriving technology industry, San Jose also has deep agricultural roots. In fact, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the valley in which the city is located was popular for its many orchards that lent the air a sweet fragrance all year round. Today, with over 1 million residents, San Jose boasts numerous activities and attractions, making it a hot business destination, as well as a family-friendly entertainment hub.

Ready for a soaking, splashing outing to beat the California heat? Head to the vibrant Emerald Hills Golfland water park near San Jose today!

Learn more about our park hours and events and ticket prices. You can also take advantage of exclusive rates with online ticket purchase.

Mini Golf World Versus Mini Golf Live


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Kids and families playing mini golf
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Play Outdoors and See What You’re Missing Online

Do you play the Mini Golf World video game for hours? Ever wondered about the differences in Mini Golf World versus mini golf live? Whether you are an ardent fan of the virtual game or have just been introduced to it, Golfland’s fun experts believe that you should give mini golf live a try. After all, there is a unique charm in playing the actual game on a real course.

Play Mini Golf Live! There’s Nothing Else Quite Like It!

Mini Golf World offers fascinating themes and engaging visuals, making it a fantastic virtual experience. However, if you want to get into the real spirit of the game, there is no better option than to play outdoors on a real, wacky putt-putt course. Here is a quick rundown on Mini Golf World versus mini golf live.

  • A wholesome experience: Visiting a real 18-hole mini golf course is all about taking in the fresh air, making your way through fun-filled, crazy obstacles. Besides, a live game could serve as an interesting backdrop for various celebrations. Imagine organizing mini golf competitions as part of a reunion, a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family mini golf night, or even a midweek dinner date.
  • An interactive environment: Wouldn’t it be exciting to add family members, friends, colleagues, or a special someone to the mix? Imagine how you could actively interact with your favorite people instead of competing with unknown virtual players. There is a different thrill in beating your own gang and coming out a winner. Unlike a pre-programmed video game, you can introduce your own fun and creative rules to make your mini golf live game truly memorable.
  • A real test of skills: The objective of Mini Golf World is the same as a real putt-putt course. Get the golf ball in every hole across the course with as few strokes as possible. As is the case with any video game, here too, you will use virtual clicks to make your way through each twist and turn. While the video game may use powerful algorithms to introduce gradations, wind factors, and other challenges, a real course will truly put your putting skills to the test. Whether it is the swing, speed or angle, the mechanics of your stroke are definitely more challenging in an open-air environment when you play mini golf live.

Enjoy the Best Putting Time at a Golfland Location near You

Golfland’s 18-hole mini golf courses make for an exciting outing for people of all ages. From toddlers and teens, to adults and seniors, everyone can have fun while making their way through the challenges of our themed courses. Combine mini golf with a special celebration or event and enjoy the delicious food and warm hospitality of our dedicated party planners. You can also make the most of our other attractions, such as go carting, arcade games, laser tag, and more.

Since 1953, Golfland has provided world-class, family-friendly entertainment venues across multiple locations in California and Arizona. If you plan to visit with a large group, take advantage of our special event planning and catering services.

Ready to choose between Mini Golf World vs. mini golf live? Click here to find your nearest Golfland for the best putt-putt experience.