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Want the Most Fun Activity? Go-Cart Racing Takes the Prize at Golfland!


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fun in race car at Golfland
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Enjoy the Ride in a Safe, Fun-Filled Setting

Dreaming of the wind in your face, the rev of the engine, and the joy of making it to the finish line first? Experience the adrenaline rush of fast cars on a go-cart racing track at a Golfland theme park near you. There’s no better way to indulge your racing fantasies than to compete with fellow drivers and beat everyone to the checkered flag. Among all the exciting attractions at Golfland, go-cart racing takes the prize!

Life in the Fast Lane at Golfland’s Go-Cart Racing Tracks

Racing in a video game or racing on the track? No matter what you prefer, most Golfland locations have a car racing attraction for you:

  • Put your pedal to the metal for a full 6 minutes on the Fastcar Raceways track at Camelot Golfland in Anaheim.
  • Have a blast in the fast lane at the winding Fastcar Raceways of Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville (near Sacramento) or Mesa.
  • For IndyCar lovers, the Scandia Golfland in Fairfield offers its own Lil’Indy Raceway.

Here’s how you can make the most of go-cart racing at the various Golfland theme parks:

  • Fun for Everyone: Almost anyone can try their hand at go-cart racing at Golfland. You just have to be:
  • Over 3 years old
  • Over 45 lbs. in weight
  • Over 58” tall
  • If you are less than 58”, but over 40” tall, you can ride with an adult, 18 or older, in one of our double seat cars.
  • Safety and Comfort: Show off your driving skills in a safe, comfortable setting on a well-supervised track. While our courses may not let you drive as fast as Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon, you will still be able to experience the thrill and challenges of speed racing that test your NASCAR or Indy-style skills.
  • Drive Responsibly: No matter how safe the tracks are, don’t forget your responsibilities as a driver:
  • Tuck in your loose clothing and hair.
  • Keep your seat belt strapped on at all times.
  • Place both of your hands on the wheel and keep your legs inside the car.
  • Drive to Win: Adopt a winning strategy to race your way to the finish line.
  • Start at a lower speed to get a feel for the car.
  • Brake gently and along the straight line before turning in for the corner.
  • Move to the inside of the corner to minimize your angle and time with each lap.
  • With each lap, gain some speed by accelerating slightly harder and braking a little later.
  • Keep a good line around the corners and be as smooth as possible.

Take the Prize at Go-Cart Racing – Ready for the Challenge?  

Leave the freeway traffic behind and race your group to the finish line at one of the exciting, open-air, Golfland go-cart racing tracks near you. While you’re there, challenge your gang to a host of other activities, such as laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, mini golf and more. Enjoy our heart-thumping entertainment, delicious food and warm hospitality.

Since 1953, Golfland has provided wholesome, affordable entertainment to Bay Area families, corporate teams, sports leagues and other social groups. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, our dedicated party planners can make your special event even more memorable.

Go-cart racing takes the prize at Golfland. Are you all set to conquer the tracks and feel the rush? For a sensational, winding track, click here to find a Golfland location near you.

Plan Amazing Birthday Parties at Golfland Emerald Hills, San Jose


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kids at birthday party at golfland
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A Fun Destination for Kids of All Ages

When you’re looking for birthday party ideas in San Jose, you want something truly different and fun. Emerald Hills Golfland is your top choice for unique ambience and a range of fun-filled activities for kids, adults and even seniors. Our enthusiastic party staff takes care of your entire event, from invitations and party settings, to catering and group activities. Simply show up with your gang, enjoy our delicious food and warm hospitality, and have the best birthday party ever!

Knockout Birthday Party Ideas at San Jose’s Premier Theme Park

Nestled amid beautiful, rolling hills in Silicon Valley, San Jose’s prowess as a technology hub is unparalleled across the globe. Living up to its name as the “Capital of Silicon Valley”, the city offers plenty of interesting activities and attractions related to science, technology and innovation. It’s not all serious business though. You can have the most unique birthday parties in San Jose at Golfland, just a 15-minute drive from the San Jose downtown.

A fantastic venue to host special events and birthday parties for yourselves and your kids, here are some of the features of this park:

  • Two lush, 18-hole mini golf courses that offer wacky challenges in a picturesque setting. You have not played mini-golf until you play a round or two at one of our San Jose courses!
  • Three twisty waterslides for a soaking, splashing wild ride. We promise they will leave you thirsty for more.
  • A one-of-a-kind games arcade that boasts the most thrilling games you have ever played. Want to defeat skilled King-Fu masters, or challenge aliens and robots with your shooting skills? Love to zoom around the world on tricky racetracks? Compete with your group at our electrifying arcade games and redeem your winning tokens for attractive keepsakes.

Whether you are hosting family, friends, colleagues or a group of toddlers, there is something for everyone at Emerald Hills Golfland. Our efficient and dedicated event experts in San Jose offer numerous birthday party packages that cater to all group sizes and ages.

• The essentials: Our starter package includes party invites, festive tables, party settings, arcade credits, mouth-watering food, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. Our experienced party host will be present during table time to conduct several fun activities for your group.
• The upgrades: Whether you want additional arcade credits, special activities for the parents, more goody bags, or extra food, we provide an extensive range of upgrades to address your unique requirements and budget.

• The flexibility: You can celebrate your birthday party across the entire park or choose a specific area and activity. Our capable crew can customize the event to suit your groups’ interests. We’ll take care of everything!

The Most Exciting Birthday Parties in San Jose Happen at Golfland

When it comes to exciting birthday party ideas in San Jose, nothing can beat the charm of Emerald Hills Golfland. Discover a safe, perfectly balanced venue that offers great food and unlimited entertainment, without having to break the bank. Enjoy attractive offers when you buy tickets to our San Jose park online.

Since 1953, Golfland has provided world-class fun for birthdays, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and a host of other milestone events and celebrations. Large groups love our special event planning and catering services.

Ready to host the best birthday party in San Jose? Reserve your party online or call us at 408-225-1533 to learn more about our park attractions and birthday celebration packages.

Finish Your Summer Fun at Golfland


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water park slides
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Finish Your Summer on a High Note at Golfland

Fun and Excitement Unlimited!

Come August, your phones and mailboxes may be flooded with ‘back-to-school’ deals, reminding you that summer is coming to a close soon. But don’t let that put a damper on what’s left of the season. Make the most of this summer with new adventures and fun unlimited at a Golfland theme park or water park near you. Get together with your family, friends, colleagues, or a special someone; to enjoy arcade games, mini golf, splash pads and more.

Golfland is Big on Fun, Are You Ready for a Big Bang End-of-Summer?

Every Golfland location offers numerous indoor and outdoor activities to beat the heat and create wonderful memories. Finish your summer fun with a bang at Golfland!

  • Show off your strokes: Enjoy our spectacular 18-hole putt-putt courses featuring extravagant themes and wacky obstacles. Compete for top scores with your group, while showing off your perfect swing and ace strokes.
  • Have a blast: Ready for some fire power, or let’s say laser power? Strategize with your squad as you prepare for some real action and an exciting fight to the finish. Our state-of-the-art laser tag facilities promise some truly adrenaline-pumping experiences. If you have come with a small group, team up with other participants. You can always make a few new friends at Golfland!
  • Ride the waves or enjoy a cool dip: If you visit one of our Sunsplash Water Parks in Mesa, AZ or Roseville, CA, get ready for a soaking, splashing, wet n wild outing. From wave pools and bumper boats, to twisty waterslides and giant floating tubes, the attractions at our water parks will leave you thirsty for more.
  • Race to the finish line: Want a taste of life in the fast lane? Speed around in go carts at our mini Indy-style racetracks. Experience heart-thumping excitement as you race to the finish line. For less competitive driving fun, bash around in our hilarious bumper cars at Camelot Golfland or Milpitas Golfland (you must be at least 44” tall to ride, one passenger per car).
  • Cool off with some indoor, action-packed attractions: Tired of the heat or need a break from the rides? Get indoors to shoot aliens, battle famed warriors, explore the world, or tap dance your way to great prizes at our buzzing, ever-entertaining games arcades. They will bring out the child in you.

Make the Most of Your Summer Fun at Golfland

From toddlers and teens to seniors and adults, Golfland’s theme parks and water parks have something for everyone. We encourage large groups to take advantage of our convenient event planning and catering services. Imagine how exciting it will be to celebrate a birthday, a milestone, or a bachelor / bachelorette with all the rides and attractions as the backdrop!

Are you ready for a memorable finish to your summer fun? Come to Golfland! We dish out non-stop entertainment, delicious food and warm hospitality. Our water parks are open on weekends through September, so the fun can continue!

Click here to find your nearest Golfland location.


Best Mini Golf Experience for Little Kids


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Kids and families playing mini golf
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Looking for the Best Mini Golf Experience for Little Kids?

Golfland is Your No. 1 Choice!

While many of us think golf is a gentleman’s game, Harvey Penick, an inductee of the World Golf Hall of Fame said, “Golf is a game for everyone, not just for the talented few.” So, if you’re planning a day of putt-putt for children, you can count on having the best mini golf experience for little kids at Golfland.

Don’t think twice about celebrating kids’ birthdays, planning your scout group event or little league get-together with a game of mini golf. It’s not just a sport for teens, adults or seniors. In fact, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, it has the potential to offer the most memorable kiddie experiences. Golfland’s parks serve as the perfect backdrop for your day out with the kids. While you are here, enjoy several other attractions and delicious meals.

Putting Time Equals Great Kiddie Experiences  

If you have doubts about keeping your kids engaged in a game of putt-putt, we understand. You’re probably worried that you may spend most of your time:

  • Chasing the little ones around the length of the course
  • Trying to keep them focused on the current hole
  • Watching to make sure they walk carefully around tricky obstacles
  • Stopping your creative young ones from using the putter as a weapon

While all your concerns are valid, mini golf and kids are an incredibly good match! Are you ready to explore the game’s true potential?

Here are some ideas to enjoy a mini golf outing with your little ones:

  • Instead of keeping actual scores, why not turn this into a fun, math game and ask your toddlers to keep adding up points? Be creative and announce penalties or rewards for actions, so that they can also use subtraction, division or multiplication.
  • Make the game’s objectives achievable. Little kids will be more involved when they can score off a tee. Try playing from tees that are halfway to the hole, or beyond a tricky barrier.
  • Make it a sing-along affair. Let everyone in the group, especially the children, sing a song after every successful putt.
  • Change up the rules and create your own challenges to amplify the excitement. Tweak some of these fun ideas to make them more age-appropriate for your kids.
  • Let the game serve as an ice breaker for talking to your child about some serious issues, or as a distraction, to give them relief from difficulties at home and school.

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Plan a one-of-a-kind birthday party at a Golfland location near you. With plenty of fun activities across each of our parks, kids will not only enjoy the putt-putt course, but also a variety of arcade games, laser tag, bumper cars and more. Our dedicated event planning team will take care of everything, including email invitations, table settings, party essentials, and tasty food platters.

Let Your Little Ones Enjoy the Best Mini Golf Experience at Golfland

Since 1953, Golfland’s theme parks and water parks across California and Arizona have catered to numerous fun outings, including birthdays, picnics, casual meet ups, family nights, date nights and special celebrations. Our spectacular 18-hole greens are an excellent starting point for anyone who is new to mini golf. Large groups can take advantage of our convenient event planning and catering services.

Ready to create the best mini golf experience for your little kids? Click here to find your nearest Golfland putt-putt course today.

Interesting Facts About Mini Golf


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Kids and families playing mini golf
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Enjoy Mini Golf? Here Are 8 Fun Facts…

The trendy sport of mini golf has interesting origins, with several fun facts for you to discover. At Golfland, each of our theme parks features at least one beautiful, putt-putt course that draws players into a land of excitement and adventure. With several other attractions and delicious meal options, our parks are ideal for a fantastic outing with your loved ones, coworkers or social group.

Top 8 Interesting Facts about Mini Golf

Mini golf is a globally recognized, competitive sport, played professionally by many enthusiastic golfers. Its official governing body, the World Mini Golf Sport Federation (WMF) has over 40,000 registered players, representing over three dozen countries.

Here’s more about the fun sport of mini golf:

  1. Miniature golf is one game with many names. Mini golf, crazy golf, putt-putt, goofy golf, shorties, midget golf and mini putt are just a few examples of its numerous nicknames.
  2. The oldest known mini golf course in the world, the Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews, is in Scotland. It sits right next to the legendary St. Andrews Golf Course, a regular site of the British Open.
  3. There were no custom created themes or fancy, automated barriers in the initial years of mini golf. Instead, early courses featured pipes, barrels, rain gutters and old tires as fun obstacles to challenge a golfer’s skill.
  4. The first recognizable miniature golf course in the U.S. opened in 1916 at Pinehurst, California. Called Thistle Dhu, and pronounced as ‘this’ll do’, the name was a play on words, indicating that this will do in place of a full-sized golf course!
  5. Miniature golf gained such immense popularity in the US, that by the late 1920s, there were around 150 mini golf courses in New York City alone. Many of these were on the rooftops of the city’s iconic, high-rise buildings. Most of them closed after the Great Depression.
  6. WMF recognizes four types of mini golf tournaments, Miniature Golf, Felt Golf, Concrete Golf and Mini Golf Open Standards (MOS).
  7. The idea of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf courses began in Scandinavian countries such as Finland. Since these northern countries experience months of short days and long nights the glow-ball and glow-courses allow them to enjoy the game all year round and outdoors.
  8. The sport has even earned a special day dedicated to its name. Worldwide, people celebrate September 21st as Miniature Golf Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan a mini golf outing with family and friends!

Battle it Out for Top Scores at a Golfland Mini Golf Course Near You

Golfland’s mini golf courses are the perfect backdrop for an exciting outing with your family, friends, colleagues or a special someone. Since 1953, our theme parks and water parks have offered wholesome, family-friendly entertainment across California and into Arizona. Large groups should enquire about our convenient event planning and catering services.

Ready for an adventurous putt-putt battle with your besties? Click here to find your nearest Golfland mini golf course today.


Trends in Mini Golf Courses


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Work team playing mini golf at company party
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Mini Golf Courses are Evolving

Golfland is On Trend, Offering Fun for All Ages

Changing times call for changes all around. Why leave mini golf behind? Over the years, mini golf courses have transformed from set themes into wholesome entertainment hubs that appeal to all ages. The greens at Golfland’s theme parks keep up with the changing times, offering family-friendly excitement in modern settings. Bring your group for a round or two of mini golf and enjoy many other attractions and delicious meals at one of our locations near you.

The Changing Face of Mini Golf; Less ‘Standard’, More Fun!

Gone are the days of traditional, gimmicky mini golf courses. No more boring courses where you are putting into a clown’s mouth or a devil’s eye. Changing times have led to a reboot of mini golf, transforming it into an energetic sport with multi-level challenges. Themed props have made way for landscapes with ponds, waterfalls, large rocks, trees, sand traps, flower beds and other natural elements. Bendy turns, tricky holes, and other unexpected bumps and rolls keep your adrenaline pumping throughout the length of the course.

At Golfland, we pride ourselves on 19 unique mini golf courses across our 8 parks in California and Arizona. Over the years, many of them have won awards and found their way into ‘best miniature golf course’ lists. All our beautiful, 18-hole courses feature wacky challenges that range from easy to difficult. Immerse yourself in a jungle safari, aquatic journey, treasure hunt or rescue mission through forts, castles, and gardens. No matter what your skill level, use our lush, vibrant mini golf courses to:

  • Perfect your swing and master your hole-in-one shots
  • Strategize and outwit tricky obstacles
  • Bond with the family and share a few laughs
  • Spend quality time with your special someone over a mini golf date
  • Unwind and treat yourself to loads of fun after a stressful day at work
  • Celebrate a special occasion by battling for top scores with friends or colleagues

Mini Golf is the Perfect Entertainment for All Occasions

Golfland’s trendy mini golf courses draw in people of all ages and are the highlight of various occasions and celebrations. Since 1953, our theme parks and water parks have served as iconic venues for non-stop entertainment across multiple locations in the U.S. Our dedicated guest relations team offers comprehensive event planning and catering services for large groups.

Ready to have a great putting time at Golfland? Click here to find your nearest Golfland mini golf course today.


What to Pack for a Day at Golfland


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fun in race car at Golfland
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If You Know What to Pack for Golfland, You Know How to Have Fun!

Prepare for an Uninterrupted, Fun-Filled Day

Whether you are planning a family outing or celebrating a special event, knowing what to pack for Golfland will help you make the most of your fun trip. Carrying the right accessories, change of clothes, and specific items needed by young ones or seniors will save you time and stress. From wet wipes for baby to aqua shoes for grandma and everything else you might need, here’s a handy list of what to pack for a day at Golfland.

Packing Tips to Enjoy Your Day at Golfland

No matter why you’re visiting Golfland, and with whom, some items are essential for a trip to one of our theme parks or water parks.

  • Bathing Suits, Towels and Extra Clothes: While our water parks in San Jose, CA, Mesa, AZ and Roseville, CA offer numerous aquatic rides and activities, most of our other locations also feature some water fun. Keep a bathing suit and towels with you and carry an extra set of clothes. If you spill something, have a fall, or get sweaty, a quick change of clothes will offer much-needed relief. When you are heading to one of our water parks, know that we only allow access to the water rides and slides if you wear proper swimwear.
  • Floatation Devices: Our parks have strict policies against arm floats, inflatables, swim noodles and other swim toys. Do not carry these items; save yourself the trouble of lugging them back to the parking lot. You can bring in US Coast Guard-approved life jackets, if you do not wish to use the ones that we offer. (It is mandatory for children under 48″ to wear life jackets on the water rides). If you have toddlers with you, remember to carry their swim diapers. If you forget, we provide vinyl ones at the entry gate. (Diapers are compulsory for all toddlers, even if they are potty-trained).
  • Sun and Water Accessories: Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, sun coats and any other items that can come to your rescue on a hot, summer day. Try to bring more than one pair of footwear. While sneakers or sandals will help you walk around the park comfortably, flip flops or water shoes will be useful in the water play areas and on water rides. If you or anyone in your group needs timely medication, don’t forget to carry that for your Golfland day trip.
  • Water and Food: Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to maintain your energy levels through the day. However, pack only factory-sealed bottled water, as we do not allow you to carry outside food and drink into the parks. You can purchase delicious meals and a wide range of beverages from the various stalls and eateries within our premises. While you can bring baby food or bottles, they cannot be in glass containers.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack a great, fun attitude to make the most of your exciting outing at Golfland.

Prepare for Unlimited Fun at Golfland

A day at Golfland can be as exhilarating and hassle-free as you want it to be. Prepare well and know what to pack, so that you can make the most of your time with family, friends and colleagues. Our dedicated and friendly team will be happy to assist in comprehensive event planning and catering services for large groups.

Click here to find a Golfland theme park or water park near you.


Splash Pads and More at Golfland Water Parks


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water slide at sunsplash
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Golfland’s Water Parks Have Fantastic, Wet n’ Wild Experiences – Splash Pads are Just One of Our Features!

When it comes to fun-drenched aquatic experiences, splash pads are just one of many exciting features in Golfland’s water parks. We have a host of other activities that can make your day exciting and memorable. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of our wave pools, thrilling waterslides and daredevil water coasters. Lounge in the lazy river, go crazy in the splash pads, or chill out in our zero-depth water play areas. Grab some delicious food while moving from one attraction to another. Golfland water parks feature loads of wet and wild experiences for all ages.

Splash Pads, Rides, Slides and Pools: Fully Loaded Water Parks in Golfland

Whether you are spending the day with family, friends, colleagues, or a loved one, Golfland’s water parks have an exciting range of aquatic activities. While splash pads are just one of our water park features, here’s a peek into other activities at our water parks in Arizona and California.

  • Get Wet and Wild at San Jose Emerald Hills
    • Slide down 7 stories in 8 seconds flat in the Double Dare waterslides.
    • Drop into the refreshing water pool.
    • Cool off and have a great time all day!
    • Safe and fun for the whole family!
  • Beat the Heat at Sunsplash, Mesa, AZ
    • Slide down 7 stories in 8 seconds flat in the Double Dare waterslides.
    • Enjoy a family raft ride at Thunder Falls.
    • Don’t miss a ride on the Master Blaster Water Coaster.
    • Grab the sides of your floating bowl and brace yourself for a near vertical fall in the Stormrider.
    • Line up under a giant tipping bucket that pours gallons of water in the Caribbean Water Works play area.
    • Ride the waves in Sunsplash’s centerpiece attraction, the Thunder Bay Wavepool.
    • Explore several other speed slides and twisty slides. Land in the refreshingly cool water pools or bowls below each ride.
  • Spend a Splashing Day at Sunsplash, Roseville, CA
    • Go head first on water mats as you race your friends down the high-speed Six Chuter water slides.
    • Experience Northern California’s most exclusive thrill ride, The Stealth, as you head straight down a 5-story half pipe and drop into the crystal-clear water below.
    • Ride together with your child or a friend and catapult 7 stories down into a giant water bowl at The Revolution.
    • When you need a break from the heart-thumping rides and slides, relax in comfortable floating tubes at the Bermuda Triangle.
    • Wade, splash, or simply chill out in the shallow waters of Adventure Island.

Enjoy a Cool, Refreshing Outing at Golfland Water Parks

Since 1953, Golfland theme parks and water parks have been a premier destination for family-friendly fun and entertainment. Featuring a plethora of aquatic activities, our water parks cater to toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. There is always something interesting for everyone—splash pads are just one of our fun features! If you are thinking of visiting with a large group, count on our friendly and dedicated team to organize convenient planning and catering services.

Click here to find your nearest Golfland water park today.


Mini Golf Putting Tips


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playing mini golf
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Mini Golf Putting Tips to Perfect Your Putt-Putt

Be the Champion at Golfland’s Themed 18-Hole Courses

When it comes to a putt-putt outing at one of Golfland’s 18-hole courses, the right mini golf putting tips will give you a competitive edge over your friends, family or colleagues. Beat everyone’s scores and become the Champion! Afterwards, treat your companions to a delicious snack or meal, and enjoy many other attractions, such as arcade games, go carting, laser tag, and more.

Mini Golf Putting Tips – Get Your Swing and Stroke Right

Whether you are in the lush garden setting of Milpitas, the fairytale-like course in San Jose, or the quest-themed course of Mesa, AZ, putt your way through the whacky, obstacle-filled mini-golf courses at our several Golfland locations.

If you are looking to master the course, your goal should be to navigate each hole in one accurately placed shot.  Get a hole-in-one directly from the tee area (an “Ace”), or at the most get it in the hole in two shots. Here are some useful tips to achieve your best score, and “up your game”:

  • Speed is the Key to a Good Score: It isn’t just about hitting the ball straight. The right speed and force will get you closer to the hole on your tee shot. In fact, a straight shot may not always be the best strategy. For certain holes, depending on the obstacles, you may want to use a few bank shots.
  • Know How to Lower Your Speed: To minimize your number of shots, controlling your speed is important. If you understand how to decrease the speed of your golf ball when you hit it, you are steps ahead of your competition. The more you practice, the more control you will have over your putting stroke. If you do not have the time or opportunity to practice, simply observe other golfers to judge the speed before you take your shot.
  • The Mechanics of the Stroke: Make sure you have a comfortable grip. Get in a few repetitions practicing your intended swing intensity. The repeat movement will help you gain a little muscle memory, which will go a long way in perfecting the right stroke for each shot.
  • The Mental Game: Mini golf at Golfland is all about having fun and you are most welcome to goof around with your putter! However, if you are in it to win it, then concentrate on your shot, and confidently tee your way through the course. Ultimately, it is about making the right judgement of the obstacles, strategizing your stroke and speed, and focusing on your shot!
  • Plan Your Target: Take a little walk around or carefully spy the hole before hitting.  Sometimes obstacles are distractions, other times they can actually be your target!  Assess the slope of the areas of the hole, find direct lines to the hole if possible, or determine the right place to bounce the ball off a wall, rock, windmill, castle or other devious object in your way.  Then assess your speed and let it rip!

Have a Great Putting Time at Golfland

Since 1953, Golfland theme parks and water parks have served as an excellent venue for non-stop entertainment in the Bay Area, Southern California and Arizona. Our dedicated and friendly team takes special care of large groups with comprehensive event planning and catering services.

Plan your next fun-filled putt-putt outing with us.

Click here to find your nearest Golfland mini golf courses today.

Wave Pools for Summer Fun at Golfland


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water park slides
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Thinking Wave Pools? Golfland’s Waterparks Are Getting Ready for Summer!

Loads of Exciting Activities for the Entire Family

Looking forward to riding the waves this summer? Golfland’s waterparks and wave pools are getting ready for summer. From slides and splash pools, to swimming and rafting, we have exciting water activities for all ages. You can also enjoy a host of other attractions, including the games arcades, go carting, mini golf and laser tag.

Enjoy Wave Upon Wave of Fun and Excitement at Golfland

Can’t stop thinking about summer? Neither can the team at Golfland! This season, as we get ready to reopen the doors to our Sunsplash Water Parks in Mesa, AZ and Roseville, CA, here are some activities for you and your fellow wave riders to look forward to.
• Rise and fall with the 84-foot wide waves in our enormous wave pool or catch some sun on our sand-free beach at the Thunder Bay Wave Pool.
• Count every twist and turn as you zip down the wacky roller coaster water slide, the Master Blaster.
• Step into a large, family-friendly raft and brace yourself for a twisty, bumpy ride, with three breathtaking falls at the uber-exciting Thunder Falls.
• Enjoy a vertical free fall of nearly 7 stories, as you drop from top to bottom in a high-speed launch capsule in 8 seconds flat. The Double Dare offers two parallel slides, whereas The Stormrider is a 4-person gigantic bowl-slide.
• Grab mats and race your companions on the high-speed, 6-lane racing slides at the Six Chuter in the Roseville, CA waterpark.
• Lounge on the giant, red floating tubes as you leisurely make your way down the 800-ft long Endless River in the Mesa, AZ waterpark.
• At Meza, AZ, the little ones in your group can romp and play in the Toddler Tadpole that features 1-ft deep water and two soft slides.
• At Roseville, CA, the kids can wade, slide, splash or relax in the shallow-waters of Adventure Island.

Both locations of the Sunsplash Water Park feature several other attractions for all ages. In fact, you have the option to get wet and wild in some of our other locations as well. Shoot water cannons at Camelot Golfland, Anaheim, slide down the wacky waterslides at Emerald Hills Golfland, San Jose, or enjoy the water-jet fitted bumper boats at Scandia, Fairfield.

Summer Fun at Golfland Makes Everlasting Memories

From toddlers and teens, to adults and seniors, there is something for everyone in every Golfland location. Our friendly and dedicated team is happy to offer convenient event planning and catering services for large groups.

This summer, take advantage of the exciting activities at Golfland’s waterparks and make everlasting memories with your loved ones.
Enjoy a cool summer with wave pools and wet rides. Click here to find the nearest Golfland location for the best aquatic activities.