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Looking Forward to Summer at Golfland


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Summer fun at Golfland
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School’s Out and I’m STOKED for Summer at Golfland!

So. Much. Fun. Mini Golf, Arcade Games, Lazer Tag, Water Parks, and More

My squad and I are counting down the days for school to end this year. Our parents are already stressed-out and wondering how they will keep us busy and out of trouble all summer long. They shouldn’t worry though; Golfland to the rescue! It’s totally the best place to hang out with friends, and maybe even our cousins who finally made it to being ‘cool enough’. Whether me and my besties are celebrating a birthday or just want a day of adventure, Golfland gets two thumbs up. It’s on our to-do list every summer. With fun stuff like mini golf, go carting, arcade games, lazer tag and water parks, Golfland is straight fire for bored teens like me. Yeah fam, I’ll be good, I’ll be great, actually. Let’s do summer at Golfland. YOLO!

You Can Have So Much Fun at Golfland!

  • Show off your putting skills: Imagine yourself as the next Tiger Woods? The world-class golf courses here might be just the place your dream tees off. A little putt-putt competition with friends is a fun start to the day. If the grownups are with you to supervise, they will want to join in. Bring your A-game to mini golf and beat them round after round.
  • Win the wackiest prizes: Video games never go out of fashion, right? C’mon over and test your skills at the grand games arcade. With all the popular classics (for the adults who want to ‘bond’) and the coolest, latest games to choose from, everyone is sure to have a blast. Plus, you can win some wacky prizes when you redeem your points.
  • Game for some real action? Try Laser Tag: What can be more thrilling than an adrenaline-pumping game of laser tag? Step into the future with a state-of-the-art facility. Band together with your squad for an exciting fight to the finish. If you’ve never played before, you can look forward to the frenzied fun of paintball, but without the pain and the paint. Instead, you’ll be in a Star Wars kind of ambience with fancy lasers; it’s awesome. Don’t worry if you have a small group. You can team up with other participants and make new friends. Anyone who comes to Golfland must be fun and friendly, you know!
  • Cool off at the water park: Get wet and wild on the twisty waterslides and amazing bumper boats. There is no better way to beat the heat and have a whale of a time.
  • Become a baseball pro: Serious about baseball or softball? Ask your group if they want to get some batting practice. The batting cages at the Skandia family center offer 18 computer-controlled pitching machines for players of all levels. Rain or shine, you can play at Golfland.
  • Experience life in the fast lane: Are you a racing fan? The Lil’ Indy Raceway offers a taste of life in the fast lane. It’s a terrific challenge for your go cart racing The fastest one wins. Let’s go!

Throw Boredom to the Curb and Enjoy Summer at Golfland

Hands down, it’s the best place to spend your summer with family, friends or your sports team. Coming in a big group? Don’t forget to try their delicious catering. And leave those picnic baskets at home. There’s a snack bar with tasty treats and drinks to enjoy throughout the day.

Whether you visit a location in Mesa, Arizona, or Anaheim, Roseville, Fairfield, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Castro Valley or Milpitas, CA, be ready for an action-packed day. You will always find a friendly staff member on hand to help if you have questions or concerns.

Looking forward to summer at Golfland? Click here to find the nearest location.

Great Team Building through Mini Golf at Golfland Locations


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Kids and families playing mini golf
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Putting your way through a mini golf course is an effective way to build team spirit, strengthen the bond between co-workers and help sharpen their competitive skills. Bring your team party to Golfland. Corporate sales teams, non-profit fundraising committees, sports clubs and scout squads can have the time of their lives at any of our locations. We also have arcade games, race cars, bumper boats and water parks to provide exciting activities your group will enjoy through the day. Read the simple tips below for team building through mini golf.

Encourage Team Spirit with Fun Activities at Golfland!

  • Increase collaboration: A game of miniature golf offers a creative way to stress the importance of team work. With members bringing diverse skills to the game, teams will learn to rely on and learn from each other. Our beautiful 18-hole mini golf courses have fun obstacles and breathtaking views to keep the mood light and playful.
  • Boost competition with arcade games: A few hours of arcade games will break out the competitive spirit. Big Bass Wheel, Down the Clowns, Fishbowl Frenzy, Pac Man, Smash Air Hockey, Mario Kart; there is plenty of fun for people of all ages and skill levels. A host of whacky prizes in exchange for accumulated points makes it challenging and even more exciting.
  • Build trust with laser tag: Team building activities are most effective when they don’t feel like work. Get your groups to face off in an exciting game of laser tag. It can help improve communication, motivation, problem solving, adaptability and team trust in a fun way.
  • Reduce conflict at the water park: When the competition gets too hot, cool off at the water park! We offer aqua fun at our locations in Anaheim, Roseville, San Jose and Fairfield. We also have bumper boats with laser jets, daredevil slides, a relaxing wave pool and many more fun ways to take the edge off work and daily stress.

Host Your Team Building Event at Golfland

Golfland is the ideal place to plan team events, family celebrations and fundraisers.  With hours of fun, delicious catering and a convenient snack bar, you can keep the party going all day. Our experienced and dedicated team is on hand to help ensure that every member of your team has fun.

Since 1953, Golfland has provided a world-class venue for families and teams to bond, reduce stress and have fun. Come play with us!

Visit us today. Click here to find the Golfland location nearest you for great team building through mini golf.

5 Laser Tag Success Strategies


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birthday party fun at Golfland
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Live action laser tag is an exciting and effective team building activity. Your staff, fundraising committee, sports team or scout squad will have fun and develop important competitive skills. Bring them to Golfland where people of all ages can have a blast. Mini golf, arcade games, water slides, and more; we offer an exciting mix for an entire day of fun. Why settle for boring activities when you can engage everyone in some friendly competition? Use these laser tag success strategies to maximize your team’s potential and experience.

Tips for Successful Team Building and Laser Tag  

Fear of the unknown is common. This may cause some adults and kids to avoid playing laser tag. With a little bit of persuasion and a quick run through of basic techniques, your team can have loads of fun.

  1. Dress for success: Wear dark-colored clothing to blend into the darkness of the indoor arena. Make sure you have comfortable shoes (sneakers are best) and dress in layers because it can get cold inside.
  2. Plan to win: Pick a leader who can study the layout quickly to identify good attack and cover points before planning the best route of attack. Crouch low and walk like a crab to avoid being seen. Turn sideways when you see someone trying to hit you. Rapid firing is more effective at taking out your opponents than waiting for the perfect shot. Keep your eye on the goal, which is to get the top score and win.
  3. Get out of the comfort zone: Staying in the same spot to be safe can be boring. Attack is the best form of defense. While moving around has an element of risk, it can also help you tag more people on the opposing team. Getting to the upper level gives you a distinctive advantage as you have a better view.
  4. Communicate: Establish ways to communicate with your team members about dangers and potential targets. Come up with a special team hoot or whistle to alert each other.
  5. Have fun: Shooting or getting more points than an annoying classmate, relative or co-worker is exhilarating and motivating. Always remember that you are here to have fun and keep with the spirit of the game.

Enjoy Laser Tag at Golfland Locations

Golfland is the perfect place for team events, family celebrations and fundraisers.  In addition to laser tag, our 18-hole mini golf course, games arcade and special attractions offer something for everyone. Our delicious catered parties or fully stocked snack bar will keep you and your friends well-fueled!

Whether you choose to play lazer tag at Anaheim, Roseville, Milpitas or Fairfield location, get ready for an action-packed day full of fun. Our experienced and dedicated team is always on hand to help ensure that everyone has an exciting time.

Visit us today. Click here to find the nearest Golfland location and come test your laser tag success strategies!  Be sure to share them on Social Media!




Fun Team Party Places to Celebrate and Bond   


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Golfland's fun attractions
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Your team’s success calls for a fun celebration. Come to Golfland where everyone can have the time of their lives. Mini-golf, arcade games, race cars, bumper boats, our parks cater to all ages. You can kick back, relax and enjoy the party. Soccer moms, baseball coaches, corporate executives, church group leaders, all love that there is no activity planning, catering and organizing involved. We take care of everything for you. Here’s a list of our parks that make ideal team party places.

Build Team Spirit with Mini-Golf and More

  • Golden Tee, Castro Valley: First time players and pros will enjoy our Enchanted Journey and Adventure Quest mini-golf courses. Continue the friendly competition in our huge games arcade where adults and children can redeem points for a host of prizes. They will be looking forward to the next party before you wind up this one!
  • Milpitas Golfland: From miniature golf to video games, laser tag and bumper boats, our Milpitas location offers an action-packed day for your group. Challenge your team members to push their limits; they won’t even realize it because they’ll have so much fun.
  • Golfland USA, Sunnyvale: Two fabulous courses offer the ultimate mini-golf experience. Try the latest arcade games and win crazy prizes as you redeem your points. With hours of fun and a delicious snack bar, you can keep the team going all day.
  • Scandia, Fairfield: If you are looking for an entertainment venue near Sacramento, our Scandia location is just a short drive on the I-80 West. Enjoy 18-hole mini-golf courses with fun obstacles and a breathtaking view of our majestic Scandinavian castle. When the competition gets too hot, cool off in our water bug bumper boats. Rev up the action again on our Lil’ Indy Raceway. Build team spirit at our batting cages. Try the computer-controlled pitching machines offering both beginner level (40mph) and advanced (70mph) levels of play. We also have a kids’ clubhouse where the little ones can climb, slide, jump, crawl and explore.

 Let Golfland Host Your Team Party

Golfland is the ideal place to plan team celebrations, family events and fundraisers.  Whether you have an upcoming children’s birthday party or an office event, we provide the entertainment, great food and your own private space to celebrate. Consider a catered party to do away with the stress involved in event planning. Our experienced and dedicated team is always on hand to help ensure that everyone in your group has fun.

Whether you live or work near Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, Milpitas or Sacramento, there is a Golfland location nearby where your team can party together.

Visit us today. Click here to find Golfland’s best team party places.

Your Guide to the Best Water Parks in California


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Girl on water slide at emerald hills golfland in san jose
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Make a splash with a multi-themed park for your next family outing, team event, or birthday celebration. Adults and kids of all ages will enjoy Golfland. From a mini-golf course with shooting water cannons to a bumper boat lagoon and water slides, there’s a whole lot of fun for everyone. Arcade games, laser tag and batting cages add to our exciting mix of activities. Come see why so many families, corporate teams, community and church groups, soccer and Little League teams say Golfland has some of the best water parks in California.

Golfland Parks Have Water Rides and Lots More!

  • Camelot, Anaheim: Adults and kids love shooting the water cannons from our Spanish forts. Our brand new lagoon for bumper boats equipped with water jets, a Fastcar Racetrack, exciting games arcade and laser tag arena offer some friendly competition that will keep you entertained all day. And…Play at one of the largest mini-golf courses in the country!
  • Sunsplash, Roseville: Have fun with the daredevil waterslides and a gigantic wave pool throwing 84 foot wide tsunami waves to ride on. Take your group to Adventure Island, a shallow haven that is safe for swimmers and non-swimmers. When you need a break, relax in a beautiful cabana. Pick up the action again on our award-wining mini-golf course or play video games and laser tag in King Ben’s Castle.
  • Emerald Hills, San Jose: Your entire group will have a wild and wacky time riding down our twisty waterslides which drop into a refreshing pool. Treat them all to a round of mini-golf at our two beautiful courses. Beginner or pro, it is an experience you won’t forget. Top off the fun at our arcade full of the latest games. You can redeem points in exchange for fun prizes.
  • Scandia, Fairfield: Beat the heat on our new water bug bumper boats. (You must be at least 44 inches tall to drive. Children over 40″ can ride with an adult.) Give the kids a taste of ‘life in the fast lane’ on our Lil’ Indy Raceway. Advance your budding player’s skills at our batting cage. We have computer-controlled pitching machines that offer beginner (40mph) and advanced (70mph) levels of play. For the little ones, our kids’ clubhouse offers a space where they can climb, slide, jump, crawl and just be themselves.

 A Whole New Level of Fun at Golfland’s Water Parks in California

Golfland parks are the ideal place for family outings, children’s celebrations, corporate events and fundraisers. Our birthday parties for children include invitations, festive party tableware, pizza and unlimited soda refills for your guests. We also offer catered parties with custom options for all types of group events.

Since 1953, our world-class mini golf courses and special attractions have provided loads of fun for everyone.

Visit us today. Click here to find the best Golfland water parks in California near you.

Group Events


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No More Boring Group Events! Join the Fun at Golfland

If you are planning an event for your corporate team, social group, Scouts patrol, or school group, consider a mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Your event participants will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air as they get to know each other. Forget the tired, boring icebreakers and think outside the box. Mini golf, arcade games, a water park, bumper boats, laser tag, and more fun activities are available at Golfland. Step up the excitement for your group events to see the results of highly productive team building and group learning exercises.

How to make the most of your group events:

  • Putt-Putt Fundraising: A mini golf charity event is an effective way to raise money for your cause. Local companies can sponsor a “hole” in exchange for colorful advertising that will connect them with the community. If your event is for a social club or sports team, you can charge a nominal fee per hole to generate more funds. Mini golf is popular with all ages, so you can look forward to a generous response.
  • Math-A-Thon at the Games Arcade: Games play a key role in learning. Arcade games can improve and reinforce math skills. Playing to win tickets and adding up points to claim wacky prizes can make math fun. Golfland has some of the newest and most exciting games for the little ones as well as teenagers.
  • Build Team Spirit with Laser Tag: There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to boost team spirit. A challenging session of laser tag could be the ultimate team building activity. It reinforces the fundamentals of teamwork such as communication, cooperation, fun, and trust. Organize departments into groups and encourage everyone to participate.
  • Make Your Party a Splash! Plan your next church group picnic or an employee appreciation event at one of our water parks. Rocketing down a gravity-defying water slide or plunging down thunder falls is an invigorating experience.
  • Treat Your Scouts to the Lil’ Indy Raceway: Reward your Scout patrol with the Indy experience. They will love the feeling of ‘life in the fast lane’. Double seat cars are usually available for those who fit the height criteria (under 58 inches but over 40 inches), although it may limit them to experience the race from the passenger seat, with an adult driver.


Come to Golfland for Memorable Group Events 

For a cherished group event, bring your family, friends, and employees to a unique venue.

Golfland offers several attractions designed to entertain people of all ages.

Each of our locations has different activities, so check what is available at the park of your choice. Whether you book your Golfland adventure in Mesa, AZ or San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, Anaheim, Milpitas, Fairfield, or Roseville, CA, be sure to check out our group packages. The team at Golfland can help you plan an amazing event.

Click here to find the nearest Golfland location. Get ready for the most unique and fun group events.


Arcade Games


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Exciting Arcade Games for All Ages

An amusement center is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday, organize a group event or brighten up a rainy day. From tiny tots to teenagers and adults, there are activities and games for all ages. Enjoy some friendly competition to show off your skills, get top scores and win exciting prizes. If you live in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Milpitas (near Fremont), or surrounding areas, come to Golfland. Our arcade games provide endless excitement and fun!

You and your group can enjoy a wide range of activities in our gaming arcades:

  • Big Bass Wheel
  • Down the Clowns
  • Ice Man
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Fishbowl Frenzy
  • A host of video games including:
    • Jurassic Park
    • Pac Man
    • Smash Air Hockey
    • Maximum Tune 5
    • Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
  • And more

Plan ahead and save with our package offers and internet specials.

Parties and Group Events at Golfland’s Gaming Arcade

arcade video games player

Golfland is the perfect place to plan birthday celebrations, family outings, team building or fundraising events. Our birthday parties for children include invitations, festive party tableware, unlimited soda refills and pizza for your guests. We can also take care of the planning and organizing, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

For group events, you can customize packages to meet your specific needs. We offer the option of adding extras to your events, including unlimited play at the games arcade. A delicious and varied food menu will keep your participants energized.

Golfland has been providing families, couples and corporate groups with loads of fun since 1953. Each of our venues offers multiple activities, so be sure to refer to our website and see what is available at the location of your choice. Remember to check our operating schedule ahead of your booking or visit.

Choose your Golfland location to plan a fun birthday party, family visit or corporate event with arcade games.

5 Unique Corporate Outing Ideas


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When you are planning an event for your company, offer your team members a day they will remember. Try to avoid a predicable setting, such as a restaurant or a local park. By providing your staff with several hours of sheer fun, you will make the occasion special. When you are exploring corporate outing ideas, remember that entertaining activities can also serve as an exercise in team building.


  1. Miniature Golf – Heading to a traditional golf course is not really new or exciting for most adults. However, an afternoon of mini golf is sure to evoke the inner child in each of your guests. A company outing should stray from the conventional, and ignite a sense of renewed creativity that your employees can take back to the workplace.
  2. Arcade Games – When was the last time your employees had a chance to indulge in some old-fashioned fun? Provide your guests with an arcade setting that will allow them to abandon their adult hats for a while.
  3. Laser Tag: A session of laser tag could be the ultimate team-building activity. Encourage everyone to participate, and you might have a group discussion about what you all learned when you return to the office.
  4. Water Slides: Not every activity needs to be about team building. Rocketing down a refreshing slide is just good for the spirit. This is an opportunity for your employees to be carefree.
  5. Bumper Cars: Tensions can build in any workplace environment. Let your employees work out their differences in a safe way, with bumper cars! Bumping into a few walls can help your workers to forget their worries and be silly!


Try Golfland for Successful Corporate Outings 

Don’t book your next company event in a boring, stuffy banquet hall. Take your staff members somewhere that will amuse and delight them. Golfland offers several attractions designed to bring out the kid in everyone.

All our locations are distinct, yet equally exciting, so look to see what each one has to offer. Whether you book your Golfland adventure in San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, or Milpitas, be sure to check out our group packages. Golfland has something for everyone on your payroll.

Click here to find the nearest Golfland location, for unique corporate outing ideas your team will appreciate.

Birthday Parties for Kids and Teens| San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, Milpitas


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Exciting, Unique Birthday Parties for Kids and Teens

You can choose from a variety of venues for your child’s or teenager’s next birthday party. Whether you live in San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, or Milpitas, you will find plenty of choices for indoor and outdoor fun at Golfland parks. However, a place that offers multiple activities is perfect when planning birthday parties for kids and teens.


Which of these fun activities will your partygoers enjoy?


  • Arcade Games: Kids can play these games for hours, so including them in your party will provide fun for kids and teenagers. An added bonus is that they can win fun prizes.
  • Miniature Golf: There is nothing like a round of mini-golf to keep young party guests blissfully occupied. Even the little ones will have fun as they navigate their way around the course.
  • Lasers: Laser tag is always a hit with kids of all ages. Add this to the list of activities, and your party guests will be delighted.
  • Bumper Cars: Young ones always have energy to spare. Riding around in a bumper car or boat is an excellent way to gleefully burn off that energy.
  • Waterslides: This is the perfect way to cool off on a warm day. Our waterslides offer thrills for teenagers and we have water play options for younger children.
  • Pizza Party! Are there any adolescents or children who don’t like pizza? This is always a winner with young people. Add unlimited soda to the menu, and you will have a winning combination.


Planning Birthday Parties for Kids and Teens Efficiently

Golfland is the ideal destination if you are looking for endless fun and games. Our birthday parties for children have much to offer. In addition to fun activities, we also include festive party tableware, unlimited soda refills, and pizza for party guests. You can leave the planning and work to our team, so you will be free to enjoy the day.

Each of our locations is unique, so be sure to refer to our website to see what they offer. Activities include mini-golf and arcade games, and they may also include laser tag, bumper cars / boats, and waterslides. We are truly a one-stop destination for your special events. Whether you book your next celebration in San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, or Milpitas, everyone involved is sure to have a memorable experience.

Choose your Golfland location and start planning some fun birthday parties for your kids and teens.