When you are planning an event for your company, offer your team members a day they will remember. Try to avoid a predicable setting, such as a restaurant or a local park. By providing your staff with several hours of sheer fun, you will make the occasion special. When you are exploring corporate outing ideas, remember that entertaining activities can also serve as an exercise in team building.


  1. Miniature Golf – Heading to a traditional golf course is not really new or exciting for most adults. However, an afternoon of mini golf is sure to evoke the inner child in each of your guests. A company outing should stray from the conventional, and ignite a sense of renewed creativity that your employees can take back to the workplace.
  2. Arcade Games – When was the last time your employees had a chance to indulge in some old-fashioned fun? Provide your guests with an arcade setting that will allow them to abandon their adult hats for a while.
  3. Laser Tag: A session of laser tag could be the ultimate team-building activity. Encourage everyone to participate, and you might have a group discussion about what you all learned when you return to the office.
  4. Water Slides: Not every activity needs to be about team building. Rocketing down a refreshing slide is just good for the spirit. This is an opportunity for your employees to be carefree.
  5. Bumper Cars: Tensions can build in any workplace environment. Let your employees work out their differences in a safe way, with bumper cars! Bumping into a few walls can help your workers to forget their worries and be silly!


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