Why Host Your Fundraising Event at Golfland?

Because It’s Easy and Fun for Everyone

Raising money for your school, sports team or local charity means getting donors involved and keeping them entertained. From wacky mini golf to mini Indy-style go carting, the latest arcade games, action-packed laser tag and heart-racing water slides, we have all the fun attractions to make your efforts a huge success.

Golfland offers you two exciting ways to raise money:

  1. You can hold a fundraising night where attendees can enjoy all the attractions and receive a check for up to 30% of register sales


  1. You can raise money all year with an online discount store! Simply call and register your school or organization and we will set it up for you. Administrators can login and set their own prices for each ticket. You will receive payments at the end of each quarter.

We are happy to support your cause and provide the promotional materials for your fundraiser.

Exciting Ideas for Fundraising Night

Here are some interesting ways to host your fundraising event at Golfland.

  • Organize a mini golf tournament: A game of putt-putt across our award-winning 18-hole courses brings out the best in everyone. Participants of all ages will have fun, even if they have never played golf before. It’s a great way to raise funds for a sports team or scout group.
  • Have a charity arcade event: Tap into the popularity of video games to raise money for your church or non-profit group. The thrill of chasing aliens, battling Kung Fu Masters and playing games of skill brings on the adrenalin rush and elevates moods all around. The enormous games arcade at Golfland has a clever mix of old favorites and the latest attractions. Players can redeem tokens for crazy keepsakes.
  • Make fundraising fun with laser tag: Take school fundraising to the next level with an evening of next-generation laser tag. Adults and kids will have a blast shooting lasers and running for cover in our futuristic arena.
  • Open up on the track with go carting: People of any age will be happy to open their hearts and wallets for a taste of life on the fast track. Our dedicated team can help you with the arrangements for large groups, including organizing the food.
  • Watch the funds pour in at our waterpark: Raise funds and have a great time in the process. Fundraising at a waterpark is a simple and creative way to support your cause. Our affordable rates and special group discounts provide value for money.

Support Your Cause with Fun Charity Events at Golfland

Since 1953, Golfland has provided an affordable and fun place for families, corporate teams, fundraising groups, sports leagues, scout groups and more, to host their special events.

Our delicious food and warm hospitality make everyone feel at home. Large groups can take advantage of event planning and catering services provided by our experienced and friendly team.

Click here to pick your favorite location and host your next fundraising event at Golfland!