Mini Golf Putting Tips to Perfect Your Putt-Putt

Be the Champion at Golfland’s Themed 18-Hole Courses

When it comes to a putt-putt outing at one of Golfland’s 18-hole courses, the right mini golf putting tips will give you a competitive edge over your friends, family or colleagues. Beat everyone’s scores and become the Champion! Afterwards, treat your companions to a delicious snack or meal, and enjoy many other attractions, such as arcade games, go carting, laser tag, and more.

Mini Golf Putting Tips – Get Your Swing and Stroke Right

Whether you are in the lush garden setting of Milpitas, the fairytale-like course in San Jose, or the quest-themed course of Mesa, AZ, putt your way through the whacky, obstacle-filled mini-golf courses at our several Golfland locations.

If you are looking to master the course, your goal should be to navigate each hole in one accurately placed shot.  Get a hole-in-one directly from the tee area (an “Ace”), or at the most get it in the hole in two shots. Here are some useful tips to achieve your best score, and “up your game”:

  • Speed is the Key to a Good Score: It isn’t just about hitting the ball straight. The right speed and force will get you closer to the hole on your tee shot. In fact, a straight shot may not always be the best strategy. For certain holes, depending on the obstacles, you may want to use a few bank shots.
  • Know How to Lower Your Speed: To minimize your number of shots, controlling your speed is important. If you understand how to decrease the speed of your golf ball when you hit it, you are steps ahead of your competition. The more you practice, the more control you will have over your putting stroke. If you do not have the time or opportunity to practice, simply observe other golfers to judge the speed before you take your shot.
  • The Mechanics of the Stroke: Make sure you have a comfortable grip. Get in a few repetitions practicing your intended swing intensity. The repeat movement will help you gain a little muscle memory, which will go a long way in perfecting the right stroke for each shot.
  • The Mental Game: Mini golf at Golfland is all about having fun and you are most welcome to goof around with your putter! However, if you are in it to win it, then concentrate on your shot, and confidently tee your way through the course. Ultimately, it is about making the right judgement of the obstacles, strategizing your stroke and speed, and focusing on your shot!
  • Plan Your Target: Take a little walk around or carefully spy the hole before hitting.  Sometimes obstacles are distractions, other times they can actually be your target!  Assess the slope of the areas of the hole, find direct lines to the hole if possible, or determine the right place to bounce the ball off a wall, rock, windmill, castle or other devious object in your way.  Then assess your speed and let it rip!

Have a Great Putting Time at Golfland

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Plan your next fun-filled putt-putt outing with us.

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