Play Outdoors and See What You’re Missing Online

Do you play the Mini Golf World video game for hours? Ever wondered about the differences in Mini Golf World versus mini golf live? Whether you are an ardent fan of the virtual game or have just been introduced to it, Golfland’s fun experts believe that you should give mini golf live a try. After all, there is a unique charm in playing the actual game on a real course.

Play Mini Golf Live! There’s Nothing Else Quite Like It!

Mini Golf World offers fascinating themes and engaging visuals, making it a fantastic virtual experience. However, if you want to get into the real spirit of the game, there is no better option than to play outdoors on a real, wacky putt-putt course. Here is a quick rundown on Mini Golf World versus mini golf live.

  • A wholesome experience: Visiting a real 18-hole mini golf course is all about taking in the fresh air, making your way through fun-filled, crazy obstacles. Besides, a live game could serve as an interesting backdrop for various celebrations. Imagine organizing mini golf competitions as part of a reunion, a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family mini golf night, or even a midweek dinner date.
  • An interactive environment: Wouldn’t it be exciting to add family members, friends, colleagues, or a special someone to the mix? Imagine how you could actively interact with your favorite people instead of competing with unknown virtual players. There is a different thrill in beating your own gang and coming out a winner. Unlike a pre-programmed video game, you can introduce your own fun and creative rules to make your mini golf live game truly memorable.
  • A real test of skills: The objective of Mini Golf World is the same as a real putt-putt course. Get the golf ball in every hole across the course with as few strokes as possible. As is the case with any video game, here too, you will use virtual clicks to make your way through each twist and turn. While the video game may use powerful algorithms to introduce gradations, wind factors, and other challenges, a real course will truly put your putting skills to the test. Whether it is the swing, speed or angle, the mechanics of your stroke are definitely more challenging in an open-air environment when you play mini golf live.

Enjoy the Best Putting Time at a Golfland Location near You

Golfland’s 18-hole mini golf courses make for an exciting outing for people of all ages. From toddlers and teens, to adults and seniors, everyone can have fun while making their way through the challenges of our themed courses. Combine mini golf with a special celebration or event and enjoy the delicious food and warm hospitality of our dedicated party planners. You can also make the most of our other attractions, such as go carting, arcade games, laser tag, and more.

Since 1953, Golfland has provided world-class, family-friendly entertainment venues across multiple locations in California and Arizona. If you plan to visit with a large group, take advantage of our special event planning and catering services.

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