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Bumper Cars

Our Bumper Cars Pack a Wallop

Bumper cars are just as fun to ride today as when they were introduced nearly 100 years ago.
Golfland’s Milpitas, Mesa and Anaheim locations have modern, super-fun bumper car attractions that really pack a wallop – in a good way.
Anyone can drive a bumper car, as long as they are at least 3-feet-8-inches tall and weigh less than 275 pounds. At both locations, the bumper cars are right next to the game arcade.
So hop in a car and have a blast giving your friends a jolt!

A Bit of Bumper Car History

The history of bumper cars, one of the most popular arcade and amusement park attractions in the country, began on the East Coast of the U.S.
A man named Victor Levand invented the car early in the 20th century. Max and Harold Stoehrer, brothers from Massachusetts, took the concept a step further, patenting the first bumper cars in 1920.
The cars became known as dodgems in other countries, after the Stoehrer brothers’ original name for their attraction.
The cars were made of tin and reportedly took quite a beating. Ride operators often had to make repairs on the spot to keep the flimsy cars from falling apart.
The sturdier Auto-Skooter, created by the Lusse Brothers in the late 1920s, improved on the Stoehrers’ design and became a staple in U.S. arcades and amusement parks for decades.
Today’s bumper cars are entirely safe, with substantial bumpers that still let you feel the crash, but without the whiplash of years ago. Golfland bumper cars are easy to operate. Before the ride starts, a helpful employee shows you how to make the cars go forward, backward, and even spin like a top.
Expect a few rockin’ collisions during your ride – that’s part of the fun!

We Have Bumper Boats, Too

Golfland’s Anaheim, Mesa and Fairfield locations also feature bumper boats, the aquatic version of bumper cars. The boats operate in a shallow lagoon outside and, like our bumper cars, are safe for anyone taller than 44 inches.
Each car comes equipped with a water jet, so you’re guaranteed to get wet. That’s a good feeling on a hot afternoon!
Bring your crew and check out our bumper cars at the Golfland location in Milpitas, Mesa or Anaheim, and the bumper boats in Anaheim, Mesa or Fairfield. Golfland is open late during the summer.