Where is it located?
The haunted house is located inside Golfland-Sunsplash. Golfland is located at Country Club and US60 in Mesa.

Is there an age requirement?
The Gauntlet is not recommended for individuals under the age of 13 or those with heart conditions. There is no enforced age requirement, however, keep in mind there are no refunds given. Spooktacular Golf is designed with families in mind and is safe for all ages.

What can I expect when I walk through?
Our haunted house contains groundbreaking special effects, live animals, skilled actors, and movie quality props. There are 15 individual rooms and over 20 live actors. Our haunted house uses artificial fog and bright flashing lights and is not suitable for those with health conditions. There are several areas of the attraction with small openings and very narrow walkways, the attraction would not be recommended for individuals who are clausterphobic. The attraction is mostly indoors and is fully air-conditioned.

Can the actors touch me?
The actors in The Gauntlet are not permitted to make intentional contact with the guests. Likewise, guests are not permitted to make contact with the actors. Indivudals who violate this rule will be asked to leave the attraction without refund.

Am I allowed to dress up?
We encourage you to get into the Halloween spirit, however we do not allow guests to wear face masks or anything that may obstruct vision. Closed-toed shoes are suggested. Management reserves the right to make the final judgement on whether your costume us acceptable prior to entering the attraction.

Is the attraction wheel-chair accessable?
Our attraction has been designed in a manner that would make it accessable to all of our guests. Wheelchair bypass pathways have been built into areas that may not be suitable for wheelchairs. Guests using powered scooters are encouraged to transfer into wheelchairs prior to entering the attraction. If you require special accomodations, please be sure to inform our staff.

Do you offer group rates?
Group rates are available. For information on group rates please call 480-834-8319 x0