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Go Cart Racing

Go-Cart Racing, In the Sun and Super-Safe

It’s no mystery why go-cart racing is the favorite attraction of so many Golfland patrons.
It’s the rush!
Think video game racing is fun? Get behind the wheel of real go-carts at Golfland locations at Scandia Fairfield , Roseville Golfland and Mesa Golfland. Feel the wind in your face and the thrill of competing against other racers to make it to the finish line first. After one race, you’ll choose go-cart racing at Golfland again and again.
Go-cart racing at Golfland is a terrific way to test your NASCAR or Indy-style skills on a track that is super-safe and well supervised. You won’t be traveling as fast as Jeff Gordon or Danica Patrick, but our courses still offer a challenge for drivers of all ages.
At both Golfland locations that feature go-cart racing, racers have a choice of the larger two-seat blue cars, which accommodate an adult and child, or smaller, one-seat red cars.
Children are welcome to enjoy go-cart racing at either Golfland location, but they must be at least three years old, weigh at least 45 pounds. A person who is shorter than 4’10” must ride with an adult 18 years old or older.

Go-Cart Racing and Much More

Go-cart racing at Golfland is the perfect activity for a warm day. Our track is outdoors.
Go-cart racing is just one part of the Golfland experience. After you’ve been driving awhile, relax in our huge video game arcade, have a bite to eat at our restaurant, play on our signature miniature golf courses, or enjoy any of the other activities we offer, all in one convenient place.
Our assortment of activities is why we’re the place for corporate events, birthday parties or other milestone celebrations such as graduations.
Looking for an out-of-the-box activity that is a blast for the entire family, or a great way to bond with coworkers? Try go-cart racing at the Golfland locations at Fairfield, Roseville and Mesa. Drop in anytime, although reservations are required for birthday parties or large groups.