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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties


Come Celebrate With Us

The BEST Kid’s Birthday Parties in the Bay Area are at Golfland!

Come celebrate with us at Golfland and let us provide you the best birthday party ever!  Choose a Birthday Party package; then choose an exciting attraction option. We are the Milpitas birthday party experts!

Party Essentials

All of our packages include the below party essentials!

  • 2 Hours at Party Tables
  • 2 Slices of Pizza
  • Unlimited Soda during pizza time
  • 25 game points for the arcade
  • One Bumper Car ride
  • Tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, and utensils
  • One spin on our Birthday Wheel of Prizes for the birthday child
One Activity Package
  • Your choice of one attraction
  • 10 Included guests
  • $30.00 for each additional guest

Only $300.00

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Two Activity Package
  • Your choice of two attractions
  • 10 Included guests
  • $33.00 for each additional guest

Only $330.00

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Three Activity Package
  • Your choice of three attractions
  • 10 Included guests
  • $36.00 for each additional guest

Only $360.00

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Attraction Choices
  • One 18 Hole Round of Mini Golf
  • One Game of Lazer Tag
  • One Bumper Car Ride
  • Two Games of Vault Assault Lazer Maze
  • 40 More Arcade Game Points
* Schedule may vary. Check hours page for full schedule


Reservations and $100 non-refundable deposit required at least 48 hours in advance.  

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Party Upgrades!

Choose any one of our upgrade to make your party a blast!

  • Goody Bags: Toys, Candy and a Free Return Pass for Mini Golf – $3.50/ea
  • Extra Arcade Credits: 40 Credits for the Arcade – $5
  • Extra Single Topping Pizza & Pitcher: One large single topping pizza + pitcher – $23
  • Extra Multi Topping Pizza & Pitcher: One large multi topping pizza + pitcher – $26

Grown Ups Get Hungry Too!
Add On One of our Tasty Party Platters!

Veggie Platter**: $35.00 (Carrots, celery, broccoli, etc)
Fruit Platter**: $34.99 (Specific fruits included may vary by season, but generally include melons and berries)
Samosa Platter: $39.99 (20 vegetarian samosas filled with peas and potatoes, served with a mango chutney sauce)
Sampler Platter: $49.99 (An assortment of appetizers, including mozzarella sticks, onion rings, french fries, and mini corn dogs)
Vegetarian Sampler Platter: $49.99 (same as above, but we’ve replaced the mini corn dogs with 10 samosas)
Fried Green Bean Platter: $24.99 (A heaping portion of delicious fried green beans served with ranch) Green-Bean-Platter-300x250
Nacho Platter: $12.99
Chips & Salsa Platter: $12.99
Mini Taco Platter: $19.99 (40 mini chicken tacos served with salsa)Mini-Taco-Platter-300x300
2 Dozen Cupcakes**: $24.99 (half chocolate and half white cake)

**Fruit Platters, Veggie Platters, and Cupcakes are a special order, and must be ordered at least 4 days before the date of your party. You can add the item when you make your reservation online, or you can call 408-263-6855 to let us know.

Let us Help You Get The People There!
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Birthday Party FAQ

What kind of pizzas do you have?
Do I have to pay for adults?
What do I do if my number of guests changes?
When should I place my food order?
How many people do your food items serve?
Is there an age limit for Lazer Tag or Lazer Maze?
What comes in your Goody Bags?
What happens if it rains?
I requested a certain party table, am I guaranteed to get that?
How tall do the kids need to be to ride the Bumper Cars?
I see that all birthday packages come with Bumper Cars automatically. What if some kids aren't tall enough?
How long will the party last?


Party Table Areas
All party tables are reserved for 2 hours – 1 hour for your first activity, and then 1 hour for your pizza and cake time. We have both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so that you can have a great party in any weather! Please let us know which you’d prefer, and we will select which table would work best for your party. If you wish to have a specific table, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Table 1 – Table 4 are located inside the party room
  • Table 7 is located outside by Course 3
  • Table 9 – Table 11 are located outside by Course 1

Event Day Reminder

  • When you arrive, please check-in at the pizza counter. We recommend you try to arrive about 15 minutes before your official start time, so that everything can be prepared before your guests arrive.
  • Please Note: You are welcome to use your tables for the entire time your guests are participating in the first activity, as well as an additional hour for pizza, cake, and presents.
  • Please remember that you must allow at least 30 minutes for additional orders of pizza or other food items to be ready for your guests

Arrival Time:
Timeline: Your first activity will start at your parties official start time. If you are doing more than one activity, you can choose which one you would like to start with. Your pizza time will be one hour after your start time.

For example, if you reserve your party for 2:30, you should try to arrive by 2:15 to get everything set up. Then you will start your first activity (such as a round of golf) at 2:30, and your pizza will be served at 3:30. This is also when any extra food items such as platters would be ready.

Miniature Golf

  • For Golfers: Our golf activity choice allows you to choose one of our three 18 hole courses to play on.
  •  We recommend at least one adult for every 5 children
  •  Please make the group aware of the ground rules that are located on the scorecard
  •  Make sure children stand clear of other golfers and DO NOT SWING THE CLUB ABOVE THE KNEE!
  •  Please ensure that there are enough parents with the party children to provide adequate supervision (at least 1 parent for every 5 kids).
  • Make sure the children are respectful of other golfers. They should stay on their own hole, and should wait until the group in front of them is done before starting a new hole.
  • Please turn in the  the clubs and balls before the table time, regardless of whether everyone was able to finish the whole course.  Kids are not allowed to go back on the golf course after the table time unless you have paid for a second mini golf activity package.


  • We will serve the food and drinks to you during pizza time.
  • Table time limit: 1 hour after your pizza is served.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted
  • You are welcome to bring cake. We do not allow any other outside food under any circumstance.  We ask that you bring plates and cups for the cake if you have more than 5 adults.
  • Pitchers will be delivered to your table at the same time as your pizza. Unlimited drinks applies to Pizza time only. We will refill the pitchers for free for one hour after your pizza arrives.