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The Best in Family Fun!

Putter Around in the Best Amusement Parks in the Bay Area

Like the best amusement parks in the Bay Area, Golfland keeps your family entertained all day long in a safe setting geared for fun.

Golfland is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday, graduation, job promotion, or just to spend time together as a family. With activities that appeal to practically everyone, it’s also great for date nights, groups of teens, even seniors looking for a change of pace.

Depending on the location, Golfland offers a variety of attractions that you can enjoy as a group. Or split up and let everyone pick the activity he or she likes the best.

Other amusement parks in Northern California don’t have the extensive collection of miniature golf courses that Golfland has. Our courses are fair to all ages, but the most challenging courses test even seasoned putters.

Putt through some of the wackiest water hazards you’ve ever seen. With a little practice, you may surprise yourself with your ability to score a hole-in-one! For fun under the moonlight, play when the courses are lit up at night. We’re open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Depending on the location, Golfland’s additional attractions include:

  • Arcades that offer the latest in video gaming but also leave room for timeless attractions such as classic pinball machines and air hockey. The more you play, the better your chances of redeeming coupons for great prizes.
  • Water parks outfitted with the slipperiest slides ever. Gliding down the slide into our pool is absolutely the best way to cool off on a hot California day.
  • Bumper boats, for more fun in the water.
  • Laser tag, the lightning-fast, high tech game of tag that tests your marksmanship.

Every Golfland snack bar offers delicious pizza, nachos, pretzels, and super-thick shakes to keep your energy up all day.

There’s a Golfland Near You

There are several Golfland amusement parks in Northern California:

Looking for amusement parks in the Bay Area that are clean, family-friendly and staffed with cheerful employees who do their best to make you happy? Check out locations pages for directions to a convenient location near you.