No More Boring Group Events! Join the Fun at Golfland

If you are planning an event for your corporate team, social group, Scouts patrol, or school group, consider a mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Your event participants will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air as they get to know each other. Forget the tired, boring icebreakers and think outside the box. Mini golf, arcade games, a water park, bumper boats, laser tag, and more fun activities are available at Golfland. Step up the excitement for your group events to see the results of highly productive team building and group learning exercises.

How to make the most of your group events:

  • Putt-Putt Fundraising: A mini golf charity event is an effective way to raise money for your cause. Local companies can sponsor a “hole” in exchange for colorful advertising that will connect them with the community. If your event is for a social club or sports team, you can charge a nominal fee per hole to generate more funds. Mini golf is popular with all ages, so you can look forward to a generous response.
  • Math-A-Thon at the Games Arcade: Games play a key role in learning. Arcade games can improve and reinforce math skills. Playing to win tickets and adding up points to claim wacky prizes can make math fun. Golfland has some of the newest and most exciting games for the little ones as well as teenagers.
  • Build Team Spirit with Laser Tag: There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to boost team spirit. A challenging session of laser tag could be the ultimate team building activity. It reinforces the fundamentals of teamwork such as communication, cooperation, fun, and trust. Organize departments into groups and encourage everyone to participate.
  • Make Your Party a Splash! Plan your next church group picnic or an employee appreciation event at one of our water parks. Rocketing down a gravity-defying water slide or plunging down thunder falls is an invigorating experience.
  • Treat Your Scouts to the Lil’ Indy Raceway: Reward your Scout patrol with the Indy experience. They will love the feeling of ‘life in the fast lane’. Double seat cars are usually available for those who fit the height criteria (under 58 inches but over 40 inches), although it may limit them to experience the race from the passenger seat, with an adult driver.


Come to Golfland for Memorable Group Events 

For a cherished group event, bring your family, friends, and employees to a unique venue.

Golfland offers several attractions designed to entertain people of all ages.

Each of our locations has different activities, so check what is available at the park of your choice. Whether you book your Golfland adventure in Mesa, AZ or San Jose, Castro Valley, Sunnyvale, Anaheim, Milpitas, Fairfield, or Roseville, CA, be sure to check out our group packages. The team at Golfland can help you plan an amazing event.

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